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Each of us possesses a unique "wiring" or "vibe" that compels us to function in a specific manner emotionally, mentally, and physically. This "circuitry" is literally encoded within the sound of our name as well as the day of our arrival and represents not only our intuitive, emotional, and mental responses, but also what we have a tendency to attract to us. It is a consistent "programming" that has numerous variations (polarities....positive/negative). A basic understanding of these variations can make the monumental problems and tasks we face become much easier to contend with. For those of you visiting for the first time and are familiar with the ancient science of numerology, you'll notice some differences in the nature and style of the “problem-solving, solution-oriented” info I provide. First of all, the system I use is a considerable departure from a majority of sites represented on the internet. My number values are based on how the letters sound (Chaldean numerology) as opposed to where they fall in the alphabet (Western numerology). 

Secondly, for the sake of expediency and clarity, I prefer to bypass the “mumbo jumbo” and wild promises (eg..."Find your soul mate" or "You can win the lottery") displayed on a number of esoteric sites and “cut to the chase”.

After communicating with countless numbers of people over the past couple decades I've become increasingly aware of the varied levels of interest that exist in the field of self-discovery and self-improvement. For those seeking the “semi-quick answer” to the nagging problems that don’t seem to be “going away”…this site’s for you. I’ve also provided some “meat and taters” for the more curious-minded with an in-depth look at better-understanding how we’re “wired” that will be addressed in the “More about the Comfort Zone” section. .